Friday, August 14, 2009


i hope i can freeze time, i would stop it right now because everything feels so complete in my life at this moment. He made it perfect for me :)

He was the one who taught me how to be a better person, who made me truly happy, it's been years since i've been crying over people who left footprints in my life. I trust him to the fullest, and i love him :)

But life isn't so perfect, life will never be perfect. I know these days could be really painful to you and to me, but we will fight it through together right? A small percentage to victory, but at least there's still hope :) i thought of giving up, but thinking about all the little things u did for me and all the wonderful time we spent together i seem to want you even more. Things are hard for me now, but i will try, i will try to spend all that we still left with a smile on my face and try to make you happy too. i know i may look moody these few days, actually i'm worried about what's next, having u so close to me now but thinking about what will comes next, made my heart sink, i don't want to lose you baby. I didn't want to tell you because i know u would feel even more upset than i am, but i want you to understand, i want you to be happy everyday.

Every moment i spend with you now means a lot to me, i wouldn't let a day pass by without telling you how much u mean to me.

and even though in the future, if we don't meant to be together, you will still be a part of me.


Anonymous said...

ohhh this is sweet.. and trust me .. dont let aything at all ruin the moemnt that u both have.. whatever future may come at least u will never look back and regard it.

god bless ya both

imin said...

thankyou farah! :D