Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cousin's Big day! ♥

Sunday Night, got ready for my distant cousin's wedding, haven't seen him for like ages! actually to tell you the truth i don't even remember how he looks like anymore. *oops*
He is my mum's mum's sister's son's son. now thats complicated!

me and my bro ready to go :)
we didn't dare to dress to formal, because..
it was held at the "LEE SIH CHONG SOO" building in Burma road.

♥ Kenneth & Elaine ♥
they looked so cute together right?

there goes a friend of the bride or groom, singing some hokkien song, which made me almost lost my appetite. *oops, sorry*
He looked really happy, and i'm really happy for him.
some people say "the happiest thing in life is to be loved by the one you love the most"
Aunty singing "AI CHING CHACHA"
amboi! *grins*
Our very own Datin, mum's sister :D

all the hot mamas from my mum's side :D
Grandma :)

♥ it was a night full with love.
Love is so amazing right?

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Anonymous said...

congratulation to him yer ;)