Saturday, May 28, 2011

Star Cruise Libra - On Board!

Heard of Star Cruise Libra Before? i bet you did! :)
Went for a double date holiday to Phuket and Krabi via Star Cruise!

Huhu! so excited.
It's a 9 deck cruise with Swimming pool and casino.

Started of with a light "Tea time Chicken Wings!"

Andddd how to put on life jacket!

Took a tour in the cruise :)

anddd finally to our room!

Small small room to fit 4 of us

Tannie was extreme high, too excited for casino i guess :P

and off we go to deck 9 for welcoming buffet!

RM10 coconut water @@
They provide you good food, but drinks - they are chargeable!
Smart Business People haha

One thing i love about cruise is that
Their Service is so much better than any 5 star restaurant,
Their food is yummy yummy-er than most restaurant in Penang.

The Wind on Deck 10 was so strong, had some had time with my dress.
So warning - if you are planning to go on a cruise holiday,
Do remember not to wear light weight dress or skirt!

Too bad the sunset was blocked by the clouds :(

And we eat again.. told you! the food was yummy!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hey Guys!
Wondering where have i been for the last few months?
I'm finally back, take a look at this quick recap :)

Ermm not much party :P

Great food

Great people

Bro and Fion's Wedding on the 5th March
Another member in our family! :D

Also, from super straight hair, I've learn to love curls!

Graduation Ceremony on the 9th April in G-Hotel
Weeee! graduated with a diploma in Business
Currently still figuring out what is my next big step,
so i'm having a long break until August

and say hello to freelance work again!
After completely retire for half year, i've decided to work again to fill my free time :)

and finally..
the launched of
no longer!
Do visit and support me :)

Stay tuned for more daily updates :)