Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It was on Monday night that Tar College had their prom night in their own hall, the entrance ticket was only RM4! Was amazed by the cheap entrance fees, so i gave it a try! :)

so i was there with these two pretty girls.
Grace Chong and her friend :)

invited dancers :)
the prom contestant!
talent contest by Vinn Lee.
omg his act was so lame, but he has been like this since primary school.

Band playing Micheal Jackson - BEAT IT!
an amazing shot, just that it's too blur. grrrr.

Blind folded playing the Piano.
the singing and the beatboxing.

The finalist, but i didn't know who won the prom king & queen tho, was back early. :)

Things didn't work out fine as planned for me,
pretty down and helpless recently,
might lose something which means a lot to me. :(

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