Sunday, March 1, 2009


Damn i got myself a new nickname "SS" which means Syok Sendiri.
Hahah okay fine! i admit i love looking at the mirror, i love taking pictures, i love being perasan but u know i don't mean what i'm saying when i syok sendiri.

I'm Starting Work in Sega on 1st March, which is also tomorrow at 4pm.
so i took the uniform back d.
and as usual, i syok sendiri go try it on :P

damn this face damn syok sendiri wei.
Remember to visit me okay? and no drinks on the house har. :P

In December, i also go syok sendiri on the beach.
I love these two pictures, but i in it just ruined the whole picture! :[
Pictures taken and edited by Maine

P.s. xoxo ♥ ♥


Charles Key said...

KSS is a normal thing in the 21st century..I am one of them, a KSS guy who can have 30K of self-portrait and one whole blog spammed with my photo.

imin said...

LOL. 30k? omfg i dont think i have that much also. :P