Sunday, March 1, 2009

Have You Ever?

There are so many decisions and choices in life but somehow you are very indecisive.
When u finally made up your mind, somehow there will still be doubt in your thoughts.. "maybe i should just..." trying so hard to think about all the positive side of the choices you have left behind.



Anonymous said...

well just believe in your guts.. do what you feel like some time you make me wrong choice but you learn from it right? if u never make mistake u wont grow :)

imin said...

but this is one of those if u make the wrong choices, u'll regret forever.. :[

Fab said...

people do make mistakes in their life choices, it's the matter whether they realize it or not...
and if they do, they'll regret and if they don't, they'll think it's the best choice possible they ever made:D

to regret is better off than not making any decision - fab -

imin said...

a good one fabian :D