Saturday, February 28, 2009


I've having my Semester break d!
Yesterday they asked me out for a movie. - LOVE MATTERS.
not bad, i rate 7 out of 10. :]
Ben Joon and his gang, we had our lunch in BBQ chicken!
omg i didn't know they change their menu already, much worth eating there now.
LOL he gonna kill me if he sees this here.
Ben Joon fetched me and Emmilyn back to my house :D
damn my face looks like WATERMELON here.
Here my face looks like HONEYDEW.
This one so so much better
So Emmilyn came over to my house,
we chitchat-ed a little took pictures a lil.
thats it! :D
Love this pic the most.
AND OH YEAH! the pink teddy is my "baby-teddy"
owned it since i was 5 i think.
I love her top la, its from MNG. i want!!! :D

At night around 8 something, when i was resting so comfortably in my pajamas.
Suddenly Ian and Stephanie Leong ask me out to Coffee Island.
lol i took 15 minutes to get ready k.
*i broke my records!*
I changed my top d! but i'm still in black :D
P.s. I'm leaving all the past behind. :] starting to appreciate what i have now.
Let bygones be bygones.

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