Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm a very upset worker!

Continuation of the previous post..

this is what happened today,

i am a very flexible worker,
just that i don't like company going around fooling girls money.
If from the begining you tell me it's RM100 then i'll just shut my mouth.

this is my working bank account,
so on 10th November i received RM330 from Kingsoft,
and i didn't receive any extra RM30 he banked in using his own money,
this is a solid proof.

and yes again i know RM30
is a small amount of money
but RM30 X 12 = RM360
(total 12 girls located in different location)

What should i do now?
i say, i will eventually forget everything after a week or two, haha.
you suggest :)


V-Guan said...

Wow.. Seems like that smartass guy who offered to pay with his very own money turned out to be like the company, too. Promised and agreed, but nothing fulfilled. I'd vote this company as the worst company in Malaysia. Lol. His tone and language are pretty "sweet". That's how they talk to their employees, huh? Workers are humans, too. I wonder what would happen if the superiors see this. Priceless joke, worthless company.

Anonymous said...

well, imin chan... if you know how these company works..(if i am not wrong) well, read below:

Alright, i guess this is either the hiring promoter company, PR agency/event organising agency. So you can do this without talking to that dueshe bag anymore. But give him a last warning la. Well, i understand collegue girls need money to pay bills.. you name it.

Look for Kingsoft Marketing and PR in charge person, you should be able to google it. Then you can try intouch@kingsofresearch or get to the regional supporting area. If regional supporting area doenst respondthen go to the head office support area. IF cannot, ask every blogger in malaysia to link your blog and ake a post. Clear and easy.

Write a letter and complain.. so provide the guy's name that made empty promises so as additional you might be able to get his arse fired. So you think whether you are that violent or not ler... LOL.

Normally big company refused to get into such trouble, so is their agent, pr company, or event company.

ah^kam_koko' said...

Keep going girl!

imin said...

thanks for all your support people! :)

~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

call kingsoft !!! call kingsoft!!! call kingsoft!!!!!! CALL! heheheheh~~~

imin said...

already send in an email to the Human resource department, they replied, see what action they gonna take.

btw, thanks for all your support! :)