Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This morning baby came and find me,
i was so happy to see him, i missed him a lot!
He drove me for lunch and then dropped me in Northem Tower for some roadshow training thingy, means i'm working soon!
ahem income income income!
can't wait for my salary to come! i desperately need to shop!
He waited for me for two hours! Omg sorry baby.
and on the way back,
he told me that he bang into a dog earlier when i was in the training thingy, he said the dog's dead body is in his car boot, i got freaked out! When we were back at my place, he opened his car boot and surprise me with a..

i was so convinced with his stories.. i feel so stupid now! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Agreed with me yet? I'm the luckiest girl alive :]
After what i've been through, i'm glad that i met up with him, he is my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! ♥ He is the one i've been searching for all these years.

so much love. :]


Tan said...
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treblecleff.cindy said...

eh sorry...actually i post de comment one...but after posted it i only realise tat it's nt my account...
i felt soooooooooooooo jealous of u....lols...duno when only i can get one~~haha

imin said...

u will one lah leng lui :D
i been tru so much, i used to see other people then jealous also.
believed me, i've been tru alot for today :D

JewelKelvin said...

See what I tell you :) There will be someone that is meant for you and now YOU'VE FOUND HIM YAY! when wanna kai siao lai lah.. we buddy buddy but i don't even know your hubby like that how can? ;)

Yen said...

WOW~~so sweet lo~~
always happy ya ^^

imin said...

Jewel : thankyou Jewel! when r u free? u seem so busy everytime, some day must come out together with jamie n the bf also ok?

Yen : :D

JewelKelvin said...

When are you free? I'm free on the weekdays. Anytime ok? :)

imin said...

alrighttt :D