Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love is in the air.

Yesterday i feel like curling my hair again, and so i did :]
First, i met up with sean first, and we went dome :]
waited for Jamie to come until she missed out something.

So we all went breeks for our lunner. [shit in my dictionary it means lunch and dinner.]
We didn't plan to wear grey one ok!
Jamie Curled her hair too ♥
I f'reaking love this picture And we waited for Jewel, who said she will be there by 3 something 4 something.
And we FINALLY meet up with her when the sun is almost set. :p
SEE! pretty or not my two leng luis.
ah missed out Evelyn and Juli or this picture gonna be perfect.
But it is already perfect with them by my side. mwah
thanks babes for the day.

AND their bfs decided to go to my house for IP MAN.

Jamie, Sean and the bf.
Psst, we had some cheap liquor.
only we know what i meant by that. :p

xoxo. love you girls.

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