Tuesday, February 10, 2009

17th, 2008.

Flashed Back.
It was 28th December 2008.
In the Condo's ground near the pool.
Thanks to the two hunks, Daniel and Ralph :D
They started the fire!
Zurene and Minny.
Me doing karate with the ice.
Suting :]
Emmilyn ♥
Daniel, the hero! lol for saving the day.
From left, Suting, Alex, Xiao Tian and Kyle. :D
Jon and Chunyang.
Joan, Cleo and Emily
Bbq Chickens. lol
The choo's sisters..
Vanessa and Charlene.
Alan the king :]

Ralph Ah Tan.
Cousin and my long lost friend ♥ ♥

I was so shy! XD
I wished..... but my wish didn't come true.

family and relative :D
Best among the best, MY EVELYN. ♥
Wilson And
Jasmine :]

June. all the way from Aussie! :]
Reagan And Dennis :]

Had a wonderful birthday thanks everybody ♥
But so sad, my Juli, Jewel and Jamie can't make it on time. :[


Jewel said...

But at least we made it to the party after that and had a blasting time too right babe? :X

imin said...

YEAH! :D xoxo!