Monday, November 29, 2010

Straits Quay ♥

Hey Dearies!
Finally finals are over
and i must admit it, i'm bored to death now!

I want to show you all, a place worth the visit, :)
and it's in Penang!

Heard of Clarke Quay Singapore?
The one beautiful place to visit at night when you're in Singapore.

Well, now we have our very own Straits Quay,
with Clarke Quay's concept :)

Front view of StraitS Quay,
You guys know Island Plaza Tanjung Bungah?
yup! It's all the way into the ENO housing area :)

It is so beautiful
immediately became my favorite place in Penang,
And good news is, it is only less than a 10 minutes drive away from my house!

Wanted to act like i was biting the donut,
but i look like a retard here. LOL!

It is a lovely place :)

Since everyone has been talking about Tutti Fruiti,
I asked baby to bring me there after my last paper,
and believe me! trust everyone, it's yummmyyyy!
and good news is, it is LOW IN CALORIES!
immediately fall inloveee

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