Sunday, September 26, 2010

Walk Of Fame, Disted Prom ♥

everyone getting ready! for our big big night!

Last night, was my prom night!
it is my last year in disted already :(

Disted Walk of Fame Night
Carrying out two main program
Disted got talent finals and Disted Mr and Ms Celebrities 2010!

My date, Sam.
Iyvonne with her double dates! Jon and Barry

Cynthia and her Bf :)

YeeMing as Marilyn Monroe
And Elvis guy!

all the lovely ladies :)

I kept showing off the back of my dress!
totally in love with it :)

me and iyvonne just can't get enough pictures!
hahaha everyone was so beautiful and handsome!

everyone looked so pretty, so different :)

Our Prom King, Maxwell.

Disted Got Talent, Yahudan

The Main stars for the night,
Sarah and Max.
Mr and Ms Celebrities,
Congrats! :)

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