Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Sire Museum Restaurant ♥

On the 26th Last Month,
went The Sire Restaurant Penang to celebrate our 14th month! :)
Location : Ask me! it's somewhere near the jetty :)
i the restaurant!
Beautifully Decorated, such a lovely place to have a romantic dinner :)
A place for love and romance
I love the concentrated watermelon juice!
now adays restaurant loves to serve diluted ones!
My man!
Appetizer, My Cheese Sticks! @@ oops
Main Course, Lobster Spaghetti!
Main Course, Beef cubes
It is a restaurant build in a museum! :)
It is a house of Yeap Chor Ee
Beautifully decorated with antiques.
Before the invention of Computers and keyboards.
Type writer!
Ancient time DSLR! :P
Giant Radio, a lovely piece.
And i stopped taking pictures after i came across
"No camera Please" Sign. :(
It is worth a visit :)


ah^kam_koko' said...

And still you put the pictures up on your blog!

iminchan said...

dont care :P
it's too beautiful not to share!