Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunset & Mansion 69 (Part II) ♥

Hey dearies! :)
this is a continuation of the previous post! :)
so after shisha we went to Mansion 69!

we sat at the outdoor area! :)
it was cooling, SEA BREEZE!

Huge sofa out there, u can even sleep there!

Our shadows

and we moved in,
the music wasn't that loud out there, prefer the 'loudness' indoor :(

we ordered around 9 bucket of heneiken!

smallest card and the biggest card have drink finish a cup of beer :)

Half way through the game.. lol

all of us! :)

love birds :)

oops. :P
waiting for her bfie to come

tannie looks like a red apple.

finally Klein came!



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