Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hawaiian Party! ♥

Hey Readers!
i'm back with tons of pictures from Hawaiian Night! :)

was the "photo-girl" standing at the wall
with Cleo & Charlene

It was a full moon party! we were searching for the moon! :P
i have so many pictures, so lets just let the pictures do the talking!

Some of the committee members!

Just love the tons of those Maxi! :)

Terresa Tan :)

Dancers! :)

Penang's very own GAGA!

Dj all the way from Ipoh and KL!

Fire Performance by Hardrock Hotel! :)


sexy bikini girls! :)

Corine & Joey :)

it was pretty fun towards the end! :)
i got so many pictures, i just randomly picked a few to update,
for more pictures do visit my facebook ya :)

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