Friday, August 7, 2009

Sweeter than Honey ♥

This Post is especially dedicated to Johny Chae and Jamie Tan ♥every 6th of August is Johny's Birthday, this year he turned 20 :]
Let see what his girlfriend do this year! :)

His card ♥ , lol

And Jamie came over my house to bake a surprise cheese cake for Johny.
I'll be the director, she will be the baker! :P

the Strawberry Cheesecake!
*yummy yummy*

Pssssssst! guess what went TAO for Johny's Birthday dinner.
i ate too much.. and see what time it is now!
andddd i'm working in PC fair tomorrow... die. :(


Anonymous said...

may i know what brand of cream cheese you're using?and the strawberry topping too, boil with water?..thanks =)

Anonymous said...

wow ..

now that i read this post i got amaze by jamie.. she bake the cake? amazing ;)

i also want to learn that look yummy for reall