Friday, August 28, 2009

Babes ♥

This post may contain a lot a lot of pictures of us! so just let the pictures do the talking :]
if u don't like it just force yourself to see it :P

It was Saturday, me and Evelyn woke up and we went to gurney around 4 something :]

Jamie the KING
reached at almost 6pm, so early as usual :P

Not my camera, was asked to take a picture for some random unknown guy :]

and we went to Jamie's house to meet Uncle TAN! :D

Had KFC for dinner/supper.
F.Y.I i was the driver for the day.. haihs.

and we went Penang Road ahem for a visit i guess? :P

Later on Kai Xin and Yee Ming came and join us.
Us, girls :)

the guys :)

Much love

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