Thursday, July 23, 2009

I think i'm falling you.. ♥

In life, we came across a lot of random guys, guys that stayed for awhile and left us for good.
We cried and we tried to recall all the memories we had with them, but eventually those memories will fade, sadly.
Sometimes we are too caught up with our past, we are blinded from what is in front of us. Yeah i admit, the past had trapped me up, and i was too afraid to face what is next for me. Until now i still have the "i-scared-people-would-leave-me" kind of feeling, i'm trying to over come it.

a few days ago, i heard this from a radio station..

"When you're upset about the past, afraid of the future, look to your side"

Now, i know that he is by my side, i will appreciate him. Through his eyes, i believe that he is not just another random guy i used to meet, he is someone special to me, i hope i am not wrong again this time. i want him to know this.

Ever since i met him ;
The mask i used to put on, has been taken off, i gained my real smile back and tears become so much lesser. I learnt how to be a better person. Thanks sam. :] and all my life, i never had someone who appreciates me as much as he does.

Today he came to my house,
and i cooked baked rice for him to bring home! :]
i hope his family likes it ♥ *keep my fingers cross*

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