Monday, June 15, 2009

Jeremy's Day.

Jamie came over my house, and i got ready. :]
and off we go to Gurney as our usual weekly routine. lol

for dinner,
Kai Xin drove us to COFFEE ISLAND!
me with my love, WATERMELON JUICE.

Kai Xin and me. :]
me and love.

At night, we went to UPR.
omg it's been months since i last stepped into there.
went Fame, there was an event held there by hotlink :]
Jang Heng.
went MOIS too :]
old friend :]
Jeremy the birthday boy! ;]
met Iyvonne there too ;]
The end.
sorry wasn't feeling good the other day, emotional attack.
much love ♥


Yen said...

pretty girl!!
dress NICE!!!
like the 2nd photo ^^

imin said...

thankyou mwah mwah <3

Anonymous said...

is that cleo in your first pic?

imin said...

nope. the 9th pic yes.