Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spaghetti Day!

Friday morning no class so we all went to Jesmine house to cook Spaghetti! :]

Jesmine's dog. ;]
so cute right.
His name is happy but more like horny :p
ahhh the spaghetti i cooked! :]
Yen Peng

Yum Yum, Jesmine's and Yenpeng's hasil buatan. :]
Ah Gucci slippers. ♥
After Class, went out with Jamie and Roger. :]
he is back he is back!
then at night i went somewhere. :] lol.


Anonymous said...

hehe well it seem that you goin many places hehe genting n then beach n then where next? :P

just luf the cookin part so i decided to leave the comment here..

look yammy :P

imin said...

hahaha lots more,
next week food fair thats all i can tell for now :D