Monday, May 4, 2009

KL here i come!

Ok fine! i promise i'm not gonna abandoned this blog anymore ok?
i'm so sorry.

Was sick for a week, so no time to update u guys on my KL/Genting Trip
so here i come!On 24th April went down KL/Genting with most of my coursemates.

Sam the MAFIA!
the mafia gang lol!

I freaking love this pic :D

Lol. Model.

went all the way to KL for this!
"Tai Lok mee"

AHEM pan yeng pulak. beh tahan nia.

Coming up!
second day in Genting :D


Anonymous said...

can i know where the dessert you bought ? kl where o ?

imin said...

name u hu hu!

Anonymous said...

yew foo !hahahahahahahha

imin said...

LOL yew fooooo :D