Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taking You Back to BM!

It was third day of CNY 2009.
This year we didn't take much pictures, as it was a very dull CNY.
Went back to BM to visit my lovely DOG - diamond.
And the cat. so nice right the eyes.
OMG paranoid d la, even cats have nicer eyes than i do.
i also can have BLUE EYES WHAT! :p

sister is so thin now. aiyer i jealous betui.
this is my brother, still single and available. interested? :P
brother looks so bulat here. lol

at night, we went over to some relatives house in BM.
omg and he showed us his REAL gun to hunt wild boar.. so cantik ok.
everyone wanted to try to hold that gun.
so bergaya :P
see thats why i told u don't mess with me what.
Mummy and hot aunt.
Gosh everyone looks so super bloated in this picture.
Sis, cousin and me. :]
This year CNY was really dull, nothing much to be excited about :[.

p.s wo xiang zhe ni wu shi wu ke? ni xiang shui? :(

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Anonymous said...

xiang na ke ta ba. :[[[[