Monday, February 16, 2009

A Day Full with Love.

I woke up around 11 and get myself all dressed up, feeling all flirty and ready to go!
met up with Juli and Ruby and we went winter warmers for our lunch dare :]
there were so many couples and we were the only three odd ones.

Me and my lovely Juli.
Me again, ok i love my hair to be this way and i really love this picture.
Nice right? agree with me? :P
Silly face.
was taking picture to send it to Roger *ahem ahem*
walked around like usually, we gossiped alot man.
and there Juli goes! she broke the main rule of the day "the no spending day"
amboi, they left so freaking early k.
so i went to find Jeremy. He was busy playing snooker :[
so i went to breeks to find Joel and Sean.
and just directly opposite breeks.
My sister and Jasmine.
The brother and the sister.
Stephanie leong :] long time no see.

In the evening i went somewhere "special"
and i came back gurney at night..
went sega to met up with Sean, Clary, Andy and Joel
but i met up with this group of Fabulous People.
from left, KaiXin, Jeremy, Venice, me, Jamie and Johnny.
P.s thanks for the chocolate Roger Girl!

Special shout up to my girl

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imin said...

mwah jamie lots and lots.