Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cho Chuan Bday in BED.

Happy Birthday Cho Chuan :]
17 years old d, everyone is getting older and older.
i just woke up, and i called Sean sun, wanted him to do me a favor.
mana tahu they dragged me out to BED.
see how blur i was.. until i wore my top terbalik. T.T
Andy and Tsu Sheng.
Daphne, she brought her two cute like pets.. or should i say insects? haha
scorpions. X.X so scary.
But she left early. :[
Me and Joel, nicest picture of the day.
Please har! he is my gff k!
LOL. everyone looks so funny here.
Camera Shy?
i was sober the whole night ok.
Joel and Povy.
Andy and me :D xxx.
Li Chen and Joel. *coughs*
i left quite early, because i was very sleepy and really down that night

p.s i was stressed out that night, sorry.


y3n said...

hahax..y will wear terbalik wan?!
anyway..dunt be dwn la..CHEER UP!!! ^^

imin said...

HAHAHAHAH i was sleepy ma.
then they rushed me out.